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Chapter 2: First Taste Your Own Being

Now, you are on a wrong track. And if you are looking too much for a master, you will go on missing. At least while you are here for a few days, drop that search. Just be here and you may find. Meditate, dance, sing, and be here! Forget that search. Don’t go on looking from the corner of your eye for the master. Your very look, your very effort, your seeking, will prevent you. The very desire comes in between.

The relationship with a master is possible only when there is no desire. In a non-desiring mind it happens.

And you ask: “Will I only have to believe.?”

No not at all. I am the last person to tell you to believe in me. Just be here with me, that’s enough. If you are here with me, I am going to happen to you. It is a promise - but don’t seek and search.

Enough for today.