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Chapter 12: You Cannot Crucify Truth

God said, “Wait, I will send a man - Gautam Buddha - to the world. He will confuse people, and when people are confused they go astray, they will start entering hell.”

And since then hell is over-full.

But Hindus accepted Buddha as an avatar sent by God, and they rejected him in a very subtle way. They have never been guilty.

The Jews have remained guilty; the wound follows them and they are still not reclaiming Jesus. They should reclaim him. He was a Jew - born a Jew, lived a Jew, died a Jew - he was never a Christian; they can reclaim him. And no other Jew has come of that caliber. Many great Jews have been born, even in this century. The greatest in this century have been Jews, Jews are people of very great potential: Freud is a Jew, Marx is a Jew, Einstein is a Jew, all the three greats who have created this whole century, but nothing to compare with Jesus! They have rejected the greatest of the Jews. Once they reclaim him, they will be at ease, their wound will heal. They will be healthy and whole, and then there will be no need for Adolf Hitlers.

They create their Hitlers, and when I say this to you, remember also: whenever you feel guilty you create the punisher. You seek punishment, because the punishment will make you guilt-free, then you can come to rest. Don’t feel guilty, otherwise you will seek punishment.

Enjoy life in its totality, otherwise you will feel guilty. Accept life as it is, and be thankful for it as it is; have a deep gratitude, that’s what makes a religious man. And once you accept the whole, you become whole. All divisions disappear, a deep silence ascends in you. You are filled with the unknown, because when you are whole, the unknown knocks at your door.

Enough for today.