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Chapter 9: Cultivating Right Attitudes

Seek the company of those who are higher than you - higher in wisdom, higher in happiness, higher in tranquillity, calmness, quietness, collectedness: always seek the company of the higher because that is the way that you become higher, how you transcend the valleys and reach to the peaks. That becomes a ladder. Always seek the company of the higher, the beautiful, the happy and you will become more beautiful, you will become more happy.

And once the secret is known, once you know how one becomes more happy, how with others’ happiness you create a situation for yourself also to be happy, then there is no barrier; then you can go as far as you like. You can become a god where no unhappiness exists.

Who is a god? A god is one who has learned the secret of being happy with the whole universe, with every flower and with every river and with every rock and every star; who has become one with this continuous eternal celebration; who celebrates, who doesn’t bother whose celebration this is. And wherever there is a celebration, he participates. This art of participating in happiness is one of the foundations if you want to be happy. It has to be followed.

You have been doing just the opposite. If somebody is happy, immediately you are shocked: How is it possible? How come you are not happy and he has become happy? There is injustice. This whole world is cheating you and there is no God. If God is, how come you are not happy and others are becoming happy? And these people who are happy, they are the exploiters, they are tricky, cunning. They live on your blood. They are sucking others’ happiness.

Nobody is sucking anybody’s happiness. Happiness is such a phenomenon that there is no need to suck it. It is an inner flowering; it doesn’t come from the outside. Just by being happy with happy people you create the situation in which your own inner flower starts blooming.

The mind becomes tranquil by cultivating attitudes of friendliness.

You create the attitude of enmity. You can feel friendly with a sad person and you think it is very virtuous. You can feel friendly with someone who is depressed, in misery, and you think it is something religious, you are doing something moral, but you don’t know what you are doing.

Whenever you feel friendly with someone who is sad or depressed, unhappy, miserable, you create misery for yourself. Patanjali’s attitude looks very irreligious. It is not, because when you understand his whole standpoint you will see what he means. He is very scientific. He is not a sentimental person, and sentimentality won’t help you. One has to be very, very clear:

.compassion towards the miserable.

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