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Chapter 16: Life Is a School

Why are people always ready to preach - no matter to whom, no matter about what, and no matter whether anybody receives it or not?

Man is very much afraid of being ignorant. The reality is that he is ignorant. Now there are only two ways to get out of it. One is to seek and search the truth about his own being, which is a long path, arduous, needs guts. Very few travel on that path.

The second is very easy. That is through accumulating borrowed knowledge. It gives you a false sense of knowing. You really don’t know, but you have a treasure in your memory. You can recite the Vedas, the Koran, the Bible without knowing anything actually, existentially, without ever being at the very center of your being. You can talk like a parrot. This is the easiest way to forget that you are ignorant - and it fulfills your ego, gives you the idea that you know. But this creates a trouble for others. You want to exhibit your knowledge - without exhibiting it how are you going to convince yourself that you know about the truth? That’s why everybody is ready to preach. Very few are ready to seek. Very few are ready to question.

Everybody is ready to answer, because answers are cheap. They are available in books, millions of books. A man’s brain has the capacity to contain all the knowledge that is contained in all the books in existence.

You can go on gathering as much as you want. And certainly then you need to exhibit it. Any chance of preaching, of giving advice, whether you have been asked or not, whether the person is willingly listening to you or is simply bored.you go on telling people. Advice is one of the things in existence which everybody gives and nobody takes. But to exhibit your knowledge gives a deep satisfaction to your ego.

Today I received more than half a dozen questions from one Western woman. So I have dropped them. I have not chosen any of them for the simple reason that, in the name of questions, she is simply exhibiting her own knowledge. For example, she says, “You teach compassion, and still you have called a few thinkers idiots. There is a contradiction in it.” Now this is not a question. She is simply showing a contradiction in me - she understands better. The question is just an excuse.

My difficulty is that I simply call a spade a spade. Who has told you that idiots cannot think? Who has told you that idiots cannot philosophize? In fact, only idiots do that! The intelligent person lives truth. He does not think about it, because by thinking nobody has ever found it. Only idiots think about it. By thinking he shows his stupidity. I have called many so-called great thinkers idiots because they are idiots. What can I do?

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