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Chapter 9: The Greatest Lie There Is

The greatest possibility of the mind and the greatest capacity of the mind is imagination. It lives through imagination. The moment you start seeking truth you are moving in the direction of imagination. What are you seeking?

Zen says there is nothing to seek, because you don’t know what is there. So if you seek, you will miss. Now, this is a very much higher standpoint. Jesus says, “Seek, and you will find.” A very much lower statement, nothing to be compared with Zen. Meaningful, meaningful for those who are starting on the journey, but if you follow Jesus, one day or other, you will understand that by seeking, you cannot reach. Jesus was talking to people who were not highly evolved, people who had not even started seeking. He had to teach them: “Seek and you will find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you, ask and it shall be given to you.” If you go to a Zen master he will smile; he will say, “Start,” because his statement is a higher statement. When you have sought and you have not found, when you have struggled hard and nothing comes in your hands except dreams, then the Zen master’s approach will become possible, you will be able to understand it. Then he will say, “Seek, and you will not find. Now, please, drop seeking. Drop seeking and find it herenow!”

But I am not saying that Jesus is wrong. I am saying it is a beginners’ class. And unless you follow Jesus for a time you will not understand Zen. So Jesus will prepare you, Jesus will help you.

Jesus was talking to the Jews, who have been one of the most earthy races in the world. To talk Zen would have been impossible - they would have killed him even earlier. They didn’t allow him much life, only three years of ministry. At the age of thirty he started his work; by thirty-three he was gone. They could not tolerate even a very primary statement about religion. It was not very rebellious, it was not very absurd. It was in tune with the Jewish thinking, but still they could not tolerate it. It was “otherworldly.” He was talking about the world that he calls the Kingdom of God. Jews have been very worldly; that is their success. They are very down to earth, and this man was distracting them. They were seeking money and they were seeking power and prestige, and this man was talking about God. Jesus was trying to change their seeking towards religion. It is religion of the kindergarten class.

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