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Chapter 24: A Communion of the Heart

So just come and be here, and when it happens you can go. It can happen the next day, it may take one month. It all depends on you, how quickly you can get absorbed into the commune and its work and forget about this self-transformation. That is one of the most hindering thing. The more you want to transform, the more difficult it will be, because who is it who wants to transform? It is your ego, and ego has to be dropped.

Now, that’s the very crux of the whole process. The ego wants to change, the ego wants to transform, the ego wants to become new, the ego wants to be enlightened - but the ego is the only barrier.

So what has to be done is to put aside all enlightenment, all change, all transformation, and just drown yourself in the work in the commune. Suddenly one day you will find what you have been searching and trying to find is there. And you may be dancing on the street because you have found it!

There is a saying of Jesus: Seek and ye shall find. I say to my people: Seek and ye shall never find. Do not seek and it is there.

It is always there. It is because of seeking that we go on missing.

Jesus says: Ask and it shall be given. I say: Never ask, otherwise it shall never be given to you.

Be silent and it is there.

Nobody gives it to you. You have it, you have brought it with you as an intrinsic part of you.

Jesus says: Knock and the door shall be opened unto you. I say to my people: Don’t knock, because the doors are already open.

If you knock, that will prove only two things: either you are standing before a wall or you are blind. But one thing is certain: you can’t see that the doors are open. They have never been closed.

Must one come to the commune to do this? It seems a heavy price to give up the world as I know it, to enter the alternative society.

Whenever it feels that it is worth giving anything, only then you can get it. If you feel the price is great, then wait. Soon you will know there is nothing except frustration and AIDS. Just wait.