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Chapter 16: A Trusting Heart

“The ultimate reality cannot be known through speech, through mind or through the eyes. Who but the one who says, ‘it is’ can know it?”

“One must first be rooted in the trust that it is. Then one must allow this reality to become ever more refined. To the meditator who embraces this trust in the reality of the divine, the true nature of the divine will be effortlessly revealed in the purity of his heart.”

“When all desires in the heart of the seeker are dissolved at the root, the seeker will become immortal. He will know the divine, the ultimate reality, to be here.”

“When all the knots in the heart are completely untied the seeker will become immortal in his present body. This is the eternal teaching.”

This sutra is about the divine, the ultimate reality. It is very subtle and very profound. It must be so because the ultimate reality is itself the ultimate depth, there is nothing deeper than it. There is nothing before it, there is nothing after it and there is nothing beyond it. Nothing can transcend it. So naturally, whatsoever can be said about it will have to be as deep and as infinite as the ultimate reality itself.

There was a wonderful Christian sage named Tertullian. Before we enter this sutra, one of his statements is worth understanding. He has said, “I trust in the existence of God because it cannot be proved by logic.” It is a very contradictory statement. Usually you believe in the existence of something which can be proved by some logic. But Tertullian says that he believes in the reality of God because it is beyond logic, it cannot be proved by any argument.

The fact is that there is nothing more unbelievable than the divine because even to imagine it, even to conceive of it, is almost impossible. All efforts to figure it out prove to be futile. In this search, finally, along the way, the seeker himself will dissolve. It is an effort to enter the impossible.

Tertullian says, “I believe in God because God is absurd. It is illogical and beyond imagining. God cannot be proved in any way - that is why I believe in him.” Then what is the basis for his belief? If the basis is not logic or thinking or contemplation, then the basis of belief can only be the heart.

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