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Chapter 24: Around Me.Something Happens

There are many things to be said about the question. First, there is no organization around me. I am against organizations, because each organization kills the truth.

The ancient story is that a little devil came running to the master devil and said, “Master, what are you doing here wasting your time smoking a cigar? There on the earth one man has found the truth, and if the people of the earth come to know about the truth, that will be a calamity to us. Hell will be deserted. There will not be a single newcomer anymore. Something has to be done urgently!”

But the old devil went on smoking the Havana cigar. He said, “Calm down, my son. You are new. I have made every arrangement.”

He said, “But I am coming exactly from the spot! There is no arrangement!”

He said, “You don’t understand. There are already organizers around the man - priests, interpreters, organizers. A church is being made, and they are standing between the man and the masses. Whatever he says, they interpret it before it reaches to the people. This is my old strategy. Try it, and it always succeeds. That’s how I have killed all the religions.”

Truth has been found many times, but it has never been possible to make it available to the people. The organization becomes a wall - power-seekers, hierarchies, bureaucracies. And the man who has found the truth - he is so alone in this crowd of scholars, priests, power-seekers, interpreters, he finds himself absolutely helpless. Whatever he says they distort it. Whatever he says, something else reaches to the people.

There are others, who are writing books, and these books will be worshipped, they will become holy books. Sculptors have arrived; they are making the statue of the man who has found the truth. Nobody is interested in the truth, everybody is interested in his own business. They worship the man, and worshipping is another form of crucifying.

If you are cultured, you worship; if you are uncultured, you crucify -but there is no difference between the two.

The worshippers say, “You are God incarnate. We will remember you forever. Our children will worship you. There will be temples all over the earth, your statues all over the world.”

The scribes are writing books, the writers are making great systems of thought. Nobody listens to the man. In fact nobody is there to listen to him. Everybody is there to exploit him.

The priest says, “Ask me. He is so far above, that without mediators, there is no possibility of any communication.”

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