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Chapter 12: You Cannot Crucify Truth

But it is not certain that those who come near will encounter Jesus just by coming near. Those who escape, have escaped: finished! But those who come near, live near - even living near - can avoid Jesus, because they can be near him for the wrong reasons. So, out of thousands, few will choose him. And those few who choose him, they will not all be with him for the right reasons. And those who are with him for the wrong reasons will also miss him.

You can be with an enlightened person for the wrong reasons. Look for the reasons why you seek: why do you go to a master? What are your real reasons? Are you seeking truth? Rarely is a man seeking truth. You may be seeking happiness, but not truth. Happiness happens when truth is achieved. But if you are seeking happiness you cannot achieve truth, because happiness is a byproduct; you cannot achieve it directly, there is no way to it. It comes via truth. If you reach the true, happiness will happen; it is a shadow, it comes with the truth. But if you seek happiness, then happiness is not possible and truth is missed.

Out of one hundred seekers, ninety-nine are for happiness. They have suffered; life has been a misery, much pain. They are seeking the antidote, they are seeking the opposite. To be with a Jesus or a Buddha in search of happiness is to miss him again, because your eyes are closed. Happiness can never be the goal; it is achieved, it comes automatically, you need not bother about it. It is always a byproduct: you simply take care of the tree, and flowers come. You need not go directly to the flowers. If you do, you will miss. If you are after flowers you will miss; but if you take care of the tree, flowers come in their own time. You need not worry, you need not even think about them.

This is also known in your ordinary existence, but you never make it a deep experience. Whenever you are happy. You have been happy for a few moments; it is difficult to find a man who has not been happy even for a few moments, because if you have never been happy for a few moments, if you have never tasted happiness, then you cannot seek it. Then why would you search for happiness? Without having tasted it, how could you make it a goal? You have tasted it. It was momentary: a glimpse, and then again darkness; a glimpse, and then again anguish. The morning comes only for a moment, and then midnight again. You have tasted it, but you have not entered into it. How does it happen? Try to enter into it.

Whenever you feel happy, you were not looking for it. That is the first basic thing about happiness: it happened when you were looking for something else. For example, you have heard the story of Archimedes. He was in search of a scientific truth. He worked, experimented, thought, pondered over it many days and nights. He forgot himself. Then suddenly, when he was in his bath one day, lying down in his tub, it happened, it bubbled up: he realized. He was naked, but he forgot that he was naked. When you are happy you forget yourself; if you cannot forget yourself you are not happy. Happiness means you are no longer there; it happens only when you are not.

The problem was solved, the whole tension relaxed. Archimedes ran into the street shouting, “Eureka, Eureka! I have found it, I have found it!” People thought he had gone mad.

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