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Chapter 2: No Mind, No Truth

Between two thoughts try to be alert; look into the interval, the space in between. You will see no mind; that is your nature. For thoughts come and go - they are accidental; that inner space always remains. Clouds gather and go, disappear - they are accidental - but the sky remains. You are the sky.

Once it happened that a seeker came to Bayazid, a Sufi mystic, and asked, “Master, I am a very angry person. Anger happens to me very easily; I become really mad and I do things. I cannot even believe later on that I can do such things; I am not in my senses. So, how to drop this anger, how to overcome it, how to control it?”

Bayazid took the head of the disciple in his hands and looked into his eyes. The disciple became a little uneasy, and Bayazid said, “Where is that anger? I would like to see into it.”

The disciple laughed uneasily and said, “Right now, I am not angry. Sometimes it happens.”

So Bayazid said, “That which happens sometimes cannot be your nature. It is an accident. It comes and goes. It is like clouds - so why be worried about the clouds? Think of the sky which is always there.”

This is the definition of atman - the sky which is always there. All that comes and goes is irrelevant; don’t be bothered by it, it is just smoke. The sky that remains eternally there never changes, never becomes different. Between two thoughts, drop into it; between two thoughts it is always there. Look into it and suddenly you will realize that you are in no-mind.

The master is right when he says, “There is no mind, so there cannot be any state of mind. What nonsense are you talking?”

But the nonsense has its own logic. If you think that you have a mind, you will start thinking in terms of states - an ignorant state of mind, an enlightened state of mind, a disturbed state of the mind, a silent state of the mind. Once you accept mind, the illusory, you are bound to go on dividing it. And once you accept that the mind is there, you will start seeking something or other.

The mind can exist only if you continuously seek something. Why? It is because seeking is desire, seeking is moving into the future, seeking creates dreams. So somebody is seeking power, politics, somebody is seeking riches, kingdoms, and then somebody is seeking the truth. But seeking is there and seeking is the problem, not what you are seeking. The object is never the problem; any object will do. The mind can hang on to any object, any excuse is enough for it to exist.

The master said, “There is no state of mind because there is no mind. And there is no truth, so what are you talking about? There can be no seeking.”

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