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Chapter 9: The Greatest Lie There Is

Zen people are talking about the highest statement. India’s highest consciousness was transplanted into China, and China’s highest consciousness, Taoism, met with Buddhism. These are two of the greatest flowerings of human consciousness. Never again has humanity reached such a peak as Buddhism, as it reached in Buddha; and never again has it reached anything like Lao Tzu. And just think: Zen is a crossbreeding of Taoism and Buddhism. It is a meeting of Buddha and Lao Tzu. It is a meeting of two of the highest peaks. Naturally Zen goes still higher. Zen goes higher than Buddhism and higher than Taoism because it contains all that was beautiful in these two cultures, the ancientmost cultures, the longest seekers in the world, who have staked all that they had for their seeking. Zen is the purest flower.

In fact, Zen is not a flower. It is essence, it is fragrance. Even a flower has something gross in it, something of the earth. So remember it, when Zen is saying something, it is to be understood at the highest level; otherwise there will be no understanding about it. You will misunderstand it.

Seeking, you go astray; seeking, you go in dreams; seeking, you go somewhere else; and truth is here. Seeking, you go then; and truth is now! Seeking, you are, and seeking, you are too much. The more you seek, the more you feel you are. The harder and more arduous the seeking becomes, the stronger the ego becomes.

Seeking, you are, and seeking, you are too much; and there is no space for the truth to be. You fill the whole space of your being. Seeking, you are closed.

Have you not seen this happening in ordinary life too? A man is suddenly told that his house is on fire. He rushes towards his house from the office or from his shop: now he cannot see what is happening in the market, on the road. Somebody says, “Hello”; he cannot hear. Somebody comes and collides with him, but he cannot see who he is, and he will not remember that somebody collided. His whole mind is narrow now - his house is on fire. His mind is concentrated.

Seeking means concentration, and truth is never achieved by concentration. Truth is achieved by meditation. And the difference is vital, and the difference is great. And you have to understand the difference because ordinarily people who don’t know anything about meditation, they go on writing books in which they write that meditation is concentration. Meditation is not concentration! Meditation is just the opposite state of concentration.

When you concentrate your mind is narrowed down; when you meditate, you mind is widened. When you concentrate, there is an object on which you concentrate; when you meditate, there is no object.

People come to me and they ask, “On what to meditate?” Then they are not asking about meditation. They are asking about concentration when they come and they say to me, “I cannot concentrate. Osho, can you help me?” Concentration means you want your mind to cling to something, you want your mind to remain with something. Concentration is a sort of attachment, so whenever your attachment is there you are concentrated.

Your wife is dying, and if you are attached to her, you will forget the whole world. Now nothing exists except your dying wife. You will be sitting by her side and you will be concentrated; your mind will not go here and there.

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