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Chapter 14: The Ego on the Tip of the Nose

The first question:

You say, “You can also become a great horse.” Even though I am twenty-six I am seeking. Am I not trying to become a good horse? Can one become a great horse by seeking?

Never! Never can one become a great horse by seeking. Seeking is the only barrier to realizing your greatness. The very idea of seeking sends you away from yourself. Seeking means seeking somewhere else. Seeking means seeking outside. Seeking means you are looking everywhere else except in your own being. Non-seeking means not looking anywhere, just being centered in your being, just being there. When you are not seeking you are in your own being. In that very moment you are a great horse.

Everybody is a great horse - the good ones and the bad ones too. The bad ones have gone seeking along the bad lines and the good ones have gone seeking along the good lines. The bad ones have become criminals, immoral, and the good ones have become moral, saintly - but both are seeking. Both are always on the way. There is a goal in their life. And they are rushing away from themselves.

Everybody is born a great horse. When you become tired and frustrated with your seeking you drop all seeking to be good or to be bad. Then you just close your eyes and it is there, the great horse is there. It has been always there, it is your nature.

Nobody is born who is not great. Nothing else ever happens in this existence except greatness - because it is out of God. How can you not be great? You are great. Greatness will not be a real greatness - deep down you know that you are not great, deep down you know that you have practiced it, deep down you know that it is just on the surface, a mask. You are pretending that you are Alexander, pretending that you are Christ, pretending that you are a buddha, pretending this and that.

You can pretend, you can deceive the whole world, but how can you deceive yourself? You will always know who you are. You may be pretending to be brave but deep down you are a coward. You have hidden your cowardice by painting bravery on top of it. You may be smiling but hidden behind are tears. How can you deceive yourself?

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