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Chapter 9: The Seer Is Not Seen

In the West, people start on their Sunday or weekend trips: they go to the sea or to the mountains. There is a mad rush all over the country; everybody is running somewhere. Nobody thinks that everybody else is going to the sea, so where are they going? - the whole town will be there. It would have been better if they had remained at home. That would have been more sea-like. You are alone and the whole town is gone. Everybody has gone to the seashore. And more accidents happen on holidays, people are more tired. They drive a hundred miles there and a hundred miles back, and they are tired. I have heard it said that on Sunday, people get so tired that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, these three days they take to rest and revive the spirit, and for three days they wait and hope again for Sunday. When Sunday comes again, they are again tired.

People cannot rest because rest needs a different attitude. If you are lazy and you work, mind will create something. If you are not lazy, then too mind will create something. Mind and your gunas will always be in conflict. Patanjali says that these are the reasons people are in misery. So what to do? - how can you change these reasons? They are there, they cannot be changed. Only you can be changed.

Future misery is to be avoided.

Don’t think about the past. The past is finished and you cannot undo it. But future misery can be avoided, has to be avoided. How to avoid it?

The link between the seer and the seen that creates misery, is to be broken.

You have to be a witness to your gunas, attributes, modifications of the mind, tricks of the mind, games, traps of the mind, habits, samskaras, past, changing situations, expectations: you have to be aware of all these things. You have to remember only one thing: the seer is not the seen. Whatsoever you can see, you are not that. If you can see your habit of laziness, you are not that. If you can see your habit of constant occupation, you are not that. If you can see your past conditionings, you are not those conditionings. The seer is not the seen. You are awareness and awareness is transcendental to all that it can see. The observer is beyond the observed.

You are a transcendental consciousness. This is vivek, this is awareness. This is what a Buddha attains to and remains with constantly. It will not be possible for you to attain it constantly, but even if for moments you can rise to the seer and beyond the seen, suddenly, misery will disappear. Suddenly, clouds will not be in the sky and you can have a little glimpse of the blue sky - the freedom that it gives and the bliss that comes through it. In the beginning, only for moments will it be possible. But by and by, as you grow into it, as you start feeling it, as you imbibe the spirit of it, it will be more and more there. A day will come when suddenly there are no clouds left anymore; the seer has gone beyond. This is how future misery can be avoided.

In the past you suffered; in the future there is no necessity to suffer. If you suffer, you will be responsible. And this is the key, the master key: always remember that you are beyond. If you can see your body, then you are not the body. If you close your eyes and you can see your thoughts, then you are not the thoughts - because how can the seer be the seen? The seer is always beyond. The seer is the very beyondness, the very transcendence.