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Chapter 10: The Fragrance of Friendliness

All thoughts have to be removed, irrespective of whether they are made of gold or of steel. Whether they appear to be good or bad, whether they come in moral packages or immoral packages does not matter. In fact, again I would like to repeat: thoughts that appear to be noble are more dangerous than those that are apparently ignoble, because there is a tendency within you to get attached to anything that is noble, moral, puritan.

Once you get attached to your chains, how are you going to be free? Once you become attached to your cage, how are you going to open your wings in the sky?

Rig Veda is certainly the ancientmost scripture in the world. That does not make it in any way significant; it simply makes it more primitive than any other scripture. It was written by more barbarous and more primitive people, less civilized, less cultured - and you can see it in the lifestyles of the Vedic seers.

You can see the difference between a Gautam Buddha and any seer, any sage of the Vedas. They had many wives - and not only that, they had many other women, purchased in the slave markets. Can you conceive of Gautam Buddha purchasing a woman auctioned in the marketplace? It is simply inconceivable to reduce a woman to a commodity; just a sexual object to be used. And all the vedic seers, without any exception, had many wives and many women purchased from the auctions in the marketplace.

You will be surprised to know.. Sometimes words go through such a transformation that one becomes absolutely unaware of their meaning. The word vadhu has lost all its original meaning. Now it means the newly-wed wife, but in the times of the Vedas, vadhu meant a woman who had been purchased from the marketplace. You can treat her as a wife, you can use her as a sexual object, but her children will not be legitimate. They will be orphans, illegitimate and condemned by the society.

Strange.the people who are producing them are praised as seers and sages. Their very act of purchasing women is so ugly that to call them sages is simply stupid; they are not even worthy to be called human. And then to produce from those women children who will be condemned for their whole lives as illegitimate..

I say unto you, there is not a single child in the whole world who is illegitimate. Parents may be illegitimate, but not children. How can a child be illegitimate? Every child comes from the same source of life and existence, with the same purity and dignity. No child brings a certificate that “I am legitimate;” and no child comes with a seal on his forehead that he is illegitimate.

But these so-called seers were accumulating immense money. They were in favor of the ugly caste system of India - in fact they created it. One fourth of the country is condemned to live like cattle, and the responsibility goes to the Vedas. They were very ordinary people. If you look at the prayers that they have written in the Vedas, you can see their utter ordinariness.

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