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Chapter 5: Is He Dead?

Every day reports would come, people would come and they would say, “He has said this,” and Mahavira would not even talk about it. And that was fitting, because he was very old, thirty years older than Buddha; it was not good for him to come down and fight with a young man - this is how young fools are! But he was the same as Buddha against other teachers who were older than him. He would talk about them, talk against them, argue against them.

They are in a conspiracy. They have to be - because you cannot understand. They have to divide paths, because you cannot understand that life exists through opposites. They have to choose opposites. They have to stick to one thing, and then they have to say, for you, “Remember that all others are wrong” - because if they say everybody is right you will be more confused. You are already confused enough. If they say, “Yes, I am right. Mahavira is also right, Buddha is also right - everybody is right,” you will immediately leave them; you will think: “This man can’t help, because we are already confused. We don’t know what is right and what is wrong, and we have come to this man to know exactly what is right and what is wrong.”

So masters stick to something and they say, “This is right and everything else is wrong,” knowing all along that there are millions of ways to reach the way; knowing all along that there are millions of paths which reach the final path. But if they say that millions of paths reach, you will be simply confused.

This disciple Zengen was in trouble, because his master Dogo died. He never expected that this was going to happen so soon. Disciples always feel in great difficulty when masters die. When masters are there, they fool around and waste time. When masters are dead, then they are in a real fix and difficulty - what to do? So Zengen’s question remained, the problem remained, the puzzle was as it was before. The disciple had not yet come to know what death is, and Dogo had died.

He went to another master, Sekiso, and after relating the whole thing, what had happened, asked the same question of him.

Sekiso, as if conspiring with the dead Dogo, would not answer. “By God!” cried Zengen. ”You too?” “I’m not saying,” said Sekiso, “and that’s final.”

They are doing something. They are creating a situation. They are saying, “Be silent before death. Don’t ask questions, because when you ask you come to the surface, you become superficial. These questions are not questions to be asked. These questions are to be penetrated, lived, meditated on. You have to move into them. If you want to know death - die! That is the only way to know. If you want to know life - live!”

You are alive but not living, and you will die and you will not die.because everything is lukewarm in you. You live? - not exactly; you just drag. Somehow, somehow you pull yourself along.