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Chapter 4: Zen Is as Simple as the Taste of Tea

Daibai’s reply, His coming has no meaning meant: “It would have come anyway. The time was ripe.” Existence can give a little rope, but not much.

The monk brought this question to Gensha, another master.

Gensha, hearing of this, said: “Enkan is a clever chap.”

I will have to remind you of Enkan’s answer:

“Two dead men in one coffin.”

Gensha said:

“Enkan is a clever chap.”

He did not say that Enkan is enlightened, just “a clever chap.” He made up the answer, which had not come from his own experience.

The same question - the same meaning of Bodhidharma
coming from the West - was brought to Sekito,
or “Stonehead” as he was also known.

By the way, please note that our own Sekito has gone to Germany. He will be coming back soon. Perhaps Germany has more stoneheads than any other country. Half of my disciples are German. And it is not a coincidence that the German parliament outwardly passed a law that I cannot enter Germany for two years. Clever chaps! They know that once I am in Germany, Germany is mine. It is better not to take the risk; they are remaining on the safe side for two years.

But it does not matter. My stoneheads go on coming here. Premda has come just today, finishing everything. Only stoneheads can do that: it needs guts. The German parliament is being very cowardly, very “un-German”; they should have invited me. I would have brought the dignity to Germany that it has lost because of idiots like Adolf Hitler.

Even Sardar is laughing. But let Sekito come back and Sardar will have to face him. But he is good. Yesterday he faced, but not only faced, he had to swim from a long way away - he was outside - to meet the strange philosophical creature sitting behind Maneesha. And they had a good dance.

Sekito missed a great chance of meeting with another stonehead. And that stonehead has disappeared. Just one chance and one dance was enough. That is intelligence.

Sekito said:

“Go and ask the outside post of the hall!”

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