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Chapter 12: Nothing to Choose, Nothing to Discard

Still, because of the courtesy of the owner of Oceana, he has extended, saying to Morarji Desai that “Until you get another bungalow, you can stay a few months.”

Now M. V. Kamath was going to write a beautiful press review on Zarathustra, but out of anger he writes absolute absurdities.

I was simply amazed that nobody seems to understand the difference between reaction and response. You react with your old conditionings, without ever giving a second thought to any new approach.

Hence, I will be simply my own name. I hope nobody objects to it. Otherwise, I can manage without a name.

I have to live with these blind people and all kinds of idiots, but I am not living for them; they should know. I am living for only my people, whose hearts have melted with me.

These few breaths that are left to be here on the earth, I have to devote to my own people, with the hope that they will use this opportunity to become aflame with joy and blissfulness, to find their roots in eternity, immortality.to become in their own right one with the cosmos, dancing with the stars and the flowers and the rivers and the oceans.

Maneesha has brought a few beautiful sutras.

First, a small biographical note:

Ho Koji (“Ho” was his family name, “Koji” was a title of respect for a lay student of Zen) first spent time with Sekito and then went to Ma Tzu. He became enlightened and was one of Ma Tzu’s successors.

Beloved Master,
When he first met Sekito, Ho Koji asked, “Who is he that is independent of all things?”
Before he could finish his question, Sekito covered Koji’s mouth with his hand. At this, Koji underwent an experience and expressed himself in the following verse.

What must have transpired? Koji was going to ask the question, “Who is he that is independent of all things?”

Your innermost being, the witness.but it is not a word, it is an experience.

That’s why, before he could finish his question, Sekito covered Koji’s mouth with his hand. “Don’t ask such a question which cannot be answered. Don’t ask such a question which can only be experienced. Go inwards. Close your mouth, and close your mind. Move into the space of no-mind.”

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