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Chapter 6: Back to Eros

There is not much of a method to your Baba Muktananda. It is so childish, the whole thing is so unintelligent. But there are people who need it; there are people who can only understand a very superficial thing. It is fortunate that you have grown out of that need. Now please don’t go on carrying your childhood clothes with you: they won’t fit you, they will suffocate you.

And your devotion is towards truth. If your devotion is towards truth, then from wherever it comes, you have to bow down there, you have to surrender there.

You say, “I am confused - can you help?”

I can help. But, can you take my help? That’s the question. The crux of the matter is not can I help - can you take it, can you receive it?

Sannyas is just a gesture from your side that you are ready to receive it. And I can give it to you only when you are ready to receive it.

The second question:

If the self is the same in all men, does this mean that all men are identical? If so, how can any one man be an essential part of creation?

The supreme Self is the same in all men. And not only in all men but in all beings - men, animals, birds, trees, rocks. The supreme Self is the center of the whole existence. It is not my self or your self, it is simply the self. It is universal, it is not personal.

And still every individual is different, every individual is unique. This is one of the most paradoxical things, but it is so.

All waves are part of the same ocean. And still each single wave taken, thought about, meditated over, is totally different from any other wave that has ever been, is, or will ever be. Both are true. Each wave is nothing but part of the ocean, the same ocean: the ocean is the supreme Self. But the wave has a form. One wave is so tidal and is trying to reach the stars; another is so small, so humble. They are different: their shape, their form, their manifestation, is different. No two waves are the same, and still the ocean behind each wave is the same. So I don’t see that there is any difficulty in understanding this simple truth, although it is paradoxical.

The self is one. And still the selves are all different. Self with a capital S is one; selves with a lower-case s are millions. And they are all different - they are waves. God creates out of the same stuff, but each time he paints differently, he sculpts differently.

I have heard:

An American art dealer traveling in China saw a beautiful hand-carved chair in an artisan’s shop and was enchanted with it. He asked the artisan how much he would charge to make eleven additional chairs.

“All different?” said the artisan.

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