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Chapter 13: Of Love of One’s Neighbor

People ask, how to meditate? They should simply ask how not to get busy, and they should start cutting out the trivia in which they are continuously wasting their life - out of one hundred percent you will find ninety-five percent of your business is utterly useless and stupid - and then you will have enough time to see yourself, to face yourself in different aspects, to encounter yourself as deeply as possible.

Of course, you will be alone - and that is the fear.

You cannot take a friend with you. In your inner privacy you cannot take anybody, not even God, even if there is a God; you cannot take him into your inner privacy. That is your privilege. That is your grandeur - that your privacy is intact. Nobody can trespass on it.

But you have to be courageous, understanding, alert, because you will be facing things in yourself which you have been hiding from others, and slowly, slowly, from yourself. You will come across monsters which you have pushed aside in yourself; you will come across many repressions. It is not a very beautiful experience; it is bitter. But one has to do it to find one’s center.

Zarathustra is saying:

You flee to your neighbor away from yourselves and would like to make a virtue of it: but I see through your ‘selflessness’.

Have you ever seen through your selflessness? All your selflessness is phony. It has to be phony - one cannot do anything selflessly. But centuries have accumulated in your mind, which have been telling you to be selfless and, at the same time, they are giving every incentive, every motive, to be selfless.

Man is so blind that he cannot see a simple fact. If you are selfless you will be rewarded in heaven. What kind of selflessness is this? If you are selfless, you will be respected by the society, honored by awards, what kind of selflessness is this? It is pure business. And when you are doing selfless things, perhaps you are still escaping from yourself.

Once a man came to me. He had been with Mahatma Gandhi for many years. It was Mahatma Gandhi who encouraged him to go to the aboriginals who live in the forest and the mountains, and to open schools for them. His whole life he had devoted to opening schools, and collecting money and donations from people.

Just by accident he came to ask me for donations. I said, “Donation? For what?” He said, “I have been working for almost fifty years in teaching the aboriginals. I open schools - they need books, they need clothes, they need teachers. It is a selfless job. Mahatma Gandhi himself encouraged me to do this public service.” I said, “The people who are already educated - do you think anything great is happening in them? Do you think they have become better men? In fact, the aboriginals are far more innocent, childlike.no theft, no rape.

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