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Chapter 23: Cities Have Made the Human Being Inhuman

The common-sense thing is that there should be no marriage and there should be no divorce. Any two persons loving each other can live together, that is their private affair - nothing to do with society, nothing to do with the state. The law should not come between them.

There should be no promises except that, “We will love each other as long as existence allows it. The moment we feel that love has left - that it is no longer there connecting us, no longer there nourishing us - we have to part quickly, before it becomes bitterness, a quarrel. And we have to depart in gratitude, with all our heart’s blessings full for the other - that she or he will find a better man or a better woman.” And boredom will disappear; life will become a series of excitements.

Boredom is in getting stuck at one point - repeating, repeating, repeating. Joy is in exploration - finding new people, new spaces. It is simple common sense.

People are bored in their job because they allowed others to decide their job; their parents wanted them to be a doctor, so they are a doctor. They never had any inner urge to be a doctor, and they never listened to their inner voice.

It is never too late; they can start listening to their inner voice. And it is better to drop a job and do the thing they always wanted to do. It may be a loss in salary; economically it may not be good, but spiritually it is going to take away the boredom. And what are you going to do with the money, with all the facilities that the job gives you, if you are utterly bored? It is better to be a beggar but not bored, than to be an emperor and be bored.

These are common-sense insights.

The cities are becoming bigger and bigger. The villages are disappearing, and with the disappearing villages the pure air, the unpolluted atmosphere - that is disappearing.

People should just see it; they should start moving towards the villages. They should start doing farming, gardening; and there are thousands of other things. It just needs a little courage.

The city has no future.

Small villages can convert themselves into communes, which would give them a new structure, which would make people free of children and would make the children free of parental power. And they could have more fresh food, fresh water, fresh air.

There were all running to the city for one thing - because it gives money, and the villages cannot give money. Why have villages been disappearing, and big, monstrous cities coming up? The reason is that everybody is after money, not understanding a simple thing, that money cannot buy anything that makes life a beautiful, blissful pilgrimage. It can buy many things, but they are useless if the man himself loses his soul.

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