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Chapter 3: On the Character of Tao

Lao Tzu has this analogy that the nature of existence is more feminine, it is more balanced. Look at the trees, look at the birds singing, look at the rivers flowing, look all around and watch - you will find more feminineness everywhere. Everything seems to be perfect at this moment. The trees are not worried about the future, the birds are not worried about the future, the rivers are simply moving so lazily, so silently - as if they are not moving at all. Nothing seems to be in a hurry.

That’s why it happens every day: the man is honking the horn on the street and the woman goes on saying from the window, “I’m coming. Just wait a minute.” Women have no time sense. They have watches, but they are ornamental - they are not watches really. They don’t have any time sense because they are not in a hurry. Time sense arises out of hurry and haste - everything is trembling and everything is at stake, as if one minute late and everything will be lost. And if you ask the man, “Where are you going?” he will shrug his shoulders - just to the pictures, but honking the horn as if something great, a life experience was going to be missed. And the woman goes on saying..

I have even heard one woman once. I was sitting with the husband in the car, and really we were getting late and the husband was very worried. In fact he need not have worried, he should not have worried, because it was my appointment not his. I was getting late. But he was honking, and he was very worried and perspiring and swearing at his wife. And the wife - two or three times she said, “I am coming” - but her makeup was not complete. It is never complete. She always comes somehow but it is incomplete, much could have been done. She is so at ease with the mirror, with herself - she is so at ease. That is her world. Then the wife got angry, and she looked down from the window and said, “I have told you one thousand times that I am coming in a minute!” One thousand times! You cannot even say “I am coming” one thousand times in one minute.

No time sense.the world moves without any time sense. Clocks and watches don’t exist with trees and rivers and mountains - it is a timeless world.

Man exists with time, with a worry. Deep down the worry seems to be sexual: the worry about achieving a sexual orgasm. Whenever a man is making love to a woman he is worried whether he will be able to make it or not, worried whether he will be able to satisfy the woman or not, worried whether he will be able to prove that he is a man or not. The worry: an inner trembling, in a hurry somehow to prove, and that’s why he misses. Ejaculation is there, but orgasm - no. Orgasm is a different phenomenon. It happens only when you are not worried, it happens only when you are not an achiever, it happens only when you are not reaching for something, it happens in a deep relaxation, it happens only when you are not in control - but nature takes control. Then your whole body throbs with an unknown bliss. Then every cell of your body celebrates in a total ecstasy; then it is divine.

But man is worried, and that sexual worry is the root cause of all worries. Then everywhere he is trying to prove himself.