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Chapter 4: Love Cannot Deliver the Goods

“A hundred and fifty dollars,” said the advertiser.

“And how much milk does she give?”

“Four gallons a day,” he replied.

“But how do I know that she will actually give that amount?” asked the purchaser.

“Oh, you can trust me,” reassured the advertiser. “I’m a Baptist Deacon.”

“I’ll buy it,” replied the other. “I’ll take the cow home and bring you the money later. You can trust me. I’m a Presbyterian Elder.”

When the Deacon arrived home he asked his wife, “What is a Presbyterian Elder?”

“Oh,” she explained, “a Presbyterian Elder is about the same as a Baptist Deacon.”

“Oh dear!” groaned the Deacon, “I have lost my cow!”

Gurdjieff is right. If you want to remain religious in the old sense never go close to a priest, it is better to keep away. If you really want to become religious then it is very good to go and watch a priest as closely as possible. That will show you the reality of the so-called priests and the reality of their so-called religions. That will annihilate Mohammedanism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism in your mind.

And then for the first time you will inquire, you will start inquiring what true religion is - beyond the dogmas and the churches and the creeds, beyond the conflicts, beyond the theologies. You will start inquiring what true God is.

And that makes a man a Sufi or a Zen seeker or a Hasid.

Enough for today.