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Chapter 6: No-Mind Innocence

But observation is needed all the same in all the three planes. It changes its quality. The lowest observation is detached observation. A little higher is art: participant observation. And the highest is just observation. But observation is the essential phenomenon; that is the thread that joins science, art and religion.

This happened in the auditorium of a faculty of medicine.

The well known professor begins his first course with this declaration: “To be a good practitioner, two qualities are required. The first is: you should not be disgusted with anything. The second is: you should be able to observe accurately.

As an illustration of this, watch. You see this age old corpse lying on the table? I dip one finger in the anus of the corpse, and then you see, I take it out, put it in my mouth and suck it.”

The whole class is horrified.

The professor goes on, “Now, who of you will be able to do this?”

A very zealous student comes up and, without hesitation, dips his finger into the corpse’s anus and sucks it.

A great silence follows this performance.

The professor congratulates the student, “Very good, young man, you certainly have the first quality required to be a good doctor, that is: not to be disgusted with anything. However, the second quality is missing: you have no sense of observation at all. You see, it was this finger, the index, that I dipped. And it was this finger, the medius, that I put into my mouth!”

Enough for today.