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Chapter 20: Your Longing Is the Seed

All the religions that have developed outside India have no idea of the third eye. In their scriptures there is not a single mention. And without the third eye opening, your doors to paradise are closed - because the paradise is in your very being. You can be very learned, a great rabbi; you can be a pope, very respected. Millions follow you. But you don’t know that exactly the paradise you have been seeking is not outside you.

It is something within you.

And my effort here is to knock on your third eye. It is just knocking on the right door, and once you become aware that this is the door from where you can get connected with the whole.or you can call it “God” but with the door closed, God may be standing at your door and still you will not be connected.

I have my own ways to go on knocking on your third eye; I have my own subtle ways. And it is a very accurate observation on your part, Atit Parampara - what door am I using to enter in you? You say, “I know how the sun touches me, how your face enters my eyes, your voice, my ears. I know those five doors to the world but I wonder what this sixth sense is that feels you?”

It is just between your two eyebrows. Next time when you feel me touching you, watch carefully: you will feel something opening between your two eyes - a sensation that goes on deepening inwards and finally reaches to your very being.

And once this door starts opening again and again, from the same door many other things will start entering you. You have seen the rose with your outer eyes but you have not seen it from the door of your third eye. From your third eye, the rose is psychedelic; it has rays all around you, it radiates. It is so alive that you cannot think that you have ever seen it before.

The green of the trees becomes so much greener that one is simply surprised at everything, feels full of wonder all around. Ordinary colored stones on the sea beach look like diamonds and rubies and emeralds because they are all radiating; it is just that we have to see them from the right sense.

The sixth sense is the sense which has made man aware of the existence of godliness in the world. And that is the only sense which makes a disciple graduate into a devotee. That is the sense which allows the master to enter in the innermost core of the disciple; that is the center which makes the master and the devotee one soul between two bodies.

And that is the center which makes you finally aware that your being and the being of existence are not separate - they are one. You have come back home.

Lately, I have begun to realize how even my lover is a stranger to me. Still, there is an intense longing to overcome the separation between us. It almost feels as if we are lines running parallel to each other but destined never to meet. Beloved Osho, is the world of consciousness like the world of geometry - or is there a chance that parallels can meet?

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