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Chapter 4: Session 4

I was telling you of the moment when I met the astrologer who had now become a sannyasin..

I was nearabout fourteen at the time, and with my other grandfather, that is, my father’s father. My real grandfather was no more; he died when I was only seven. The old bhikku, the ex-astrologer, asked me, “I am by profession an astrologer, and by hobby a reader of many things - lines of the hand, of heads, of feet, and so on. How could you manage to tell me that I was going to become a sannyasin? I had never thought about it before. It was you who dropped the seed in me, and since then I have been thinking only of sannyas, and nothing else. How did you manage?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Even today if someone asks how I manage, all I can do is shrug my shoulders, because I do not manage - I simply allow things to be. One just has to learn the art of running ahead of things so that everybody thinks you are managing them; otherwise there is no management, particularly in the world I am concerned with.

I told the old man, “I just looked into your eyes and saw such purity that I could not believe that you were not yet a sannyasin. You should have been already; it was already too late.”

In a sense, sannyas is always too late, and in another sense, it is always too soon.and both are true together.

Now it was the turn of the old man to shrug his shoulders. He said, “You puzzle me. How could my eyes give the clue?”

I said, “If eyes cannot give the clue then there is no possibility for any astrology.”

The word astrology is certainly not concerned with the eyes, it is concerned with the stars. But can a blind man see stars? You need eyes to see stars.

I said to that old man, “Astrology is not the science of the stars, but the science of seeing, seeing the stars even during the day, in full daylight.”

Once in a while it happens.when the master hits the disciple on the head. Just this morning, Ashu, do you remember when you were looking at your watch, and I hit your head with a Canada Dry soda bottle? Remember now? At the time you missed it. That’s what it means to know astrology. She had a little taste of it this morning - I don’t think she will ever look at her watch again.

But please, look at it again and again, so I can hit you again and again. It was only a beginning. Otherwise how are you going to freak in? Forgive me, but always allow me to hit you. I am always ready to ask your forgiveness, but never ready to say that I will not hit again. In fact, the first is only a preparation for the second, and a deeper hit.

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