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Chapter 15: Kiss or Kill

After a really wild night in a hostel party the young Jordanhill lad was hauled off to Mass. He was ignorant of the various rituals involved and his girl seemed constantly to be whispering, “Bless yourself, kneel, sit down, stand up, sit.”

Perspiring from all this activity, he took out a hanky from his pocket to mop his brow. He then laid it on his lap to dry. Seeing this his girl leaned over and whispered, “Is your fly open?”

“No,” he replied testily, “should it be?”

Sheik Abdullah was looking for a few girls for his teenage son’s harem. He asked a neighboring sheik, “Do you have any extra brides you would like to sell?”

“Yes,” said the neighbor, “I have got a few lying around loose.”

The son nudged his old man. “Try to get some tight ones,” he whispered. “Yours are all loose - loose as camels!”

Your understanding, your knowledge, your mind, cannot recognize, but your feeling, your love - not your logic - can have a vague sense. It can smell, it can taste something of the divine. It can have an encounter with a faraway, distant call. But it is going to be a faraway, distant call. If you move in the direction from where the call has come you may arrive to the third plane of your being where knowing happens, when you are also in the same space as I am. Then it explodes totally, then you know it. It is no more knowledge; it is your experience. You see it, and seeing is transforming, knowing is transforming.

Move from being a student towards being a disciple, and then go on moving. Charaiveti charaiveti. Go on moving towards being a devotee.

And what I am you can be. I am simply your future. What has happened to me can happen to you. That day will come the total and absolute, unconditional, irrevocable recognition. Before that it is not possible.

The last question:

Are You sure that you get the jokes that you are telling us?

I am not as thrunk as you dink!

Enough for today.