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Chapter 20: Affliction

But when he looked at Gurdjieff, he could not believe it - he had become pale. Bennett had never seen him so weak, and he could see what had happened: Gurdjieff had given himself, his life-force, his energy to him.

Gurdjieff said, “Don’t be worried. It will take just ten minutes for me to be refilled.” He went into the bathroom and when he came back, after ten minutes, he was just the same - full of energy. Bennett wanted to know more about what had transpired.

Gurdjieff said, “If you go on practicing the discipline that I have given you, one day you will see for yourself that everybody has an inexhaustible source of power. It was an urgent situation, an emergency, so I poured myself; otherwise you would certainly have died. But I know that it is almost like a well: you can take the water out.if you do it quickly, the well may become empty - but just for a few minutes, because many currents are coming in and filling the well. Soon it will be full again. You needed so much that I could not give slowly, I had to pour myself totally.”

You all have that power. It has nothing to do with anybody else; it has something to do with your roots in existence. The more you become aware of your roots in existence, the more powerful you become.

This power has no equivalent in any other source of energy; it is not material, it is not electrical, it is not atomic, it is not nuclear. It is spiritual. It is a totally different dimension, which science has not yet even touched. But all the mystics of the world have lived in it, have danced in it and have given to their disciples without any restraint - because the more you give it, the more existence brings to you from invisible sources.

Man is just like a tree. As the tree has roots in the earth, which you don’t see, man has roots in existence which are invisible.

Once you become aware of your innermost center, at the very same time you become aware of your immense power. And this power can never do any harm to anybody. This power can be used only as a blessing. Ta Hui is talking about this power.

The senses are manifestations of one’s own mind.

In fact, the mind and the senses are one phenomenon. The senses are doors of the mind, connecting it with the world. Eyes, ears, nose, hands, the whole body - all your six senses are nothing but your six connections with existence.

Mind goes on gathering information, energy, nourishment, from all these senses. Mind is only your seventh sense and nothing else - or in other words, the central pool. From every sense, whatever comes falls into the mind. The senses are manifestations of one’s own mind.

If you can understand thoroughly like this, then it’s called the knowledge that there is neither self nor others.

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