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Chapter 14: To Face a Buddha Is Dangerous

In Russia, a great scientist and philosopher, Kirlian, developed a special camera and specially sensitive films, so sensitive that they can see things which your eyes cannot see. His first experience was of tremendous wonder because his photographs showed auras around everybody, not only around human beings but around animals and around trees, around a roseflower. The roseflower was there in the picture and just by the side, a small light-aura.

He was surprised to know that the more silent, peaceful a man was, the bigger was the aura. And the more angry, anxiety-ridden, sad, miserable, full of anguish a man was, the smaller was the aura. And before a man was going to die, six months before, the aura completely disappeared; then his photographs came without any aura, just like ordinary photographs.

This aura has been seen by sensitive people, just as Kirlian’s sensitive films photograph it. The sensitive disciples of Jesus will see something which others will not be able to see. The sensitive disciples of Gautam Buddha who have lived in deep love with him, who have been showered by his blessings, who are completely drowned in his being, will be able to see something which an ordinary spectator will not be able to see. The more they become receptive, the more they become sensitive, the more Buddha’s reality becomes apparent to them.

The first experience is of the transformation body: a thin light body, just four inches bigger than your body.just around your body a four-inch aura of light, very soft light. This is the body that transmigrates. That’s why, before death - as Kirlian discovered - six months before, this body starts disappearing, it starts becoming condensed inside the being of man. It takes six months for it to come back to the center and become just a point of light instead of a big aura. And this small point of light transmigrates while your whole body remains here.

Scientists have been trying to prove that there is no soul on the grounds that when they weigh a living man just a moment before he dies, and when they weigh him a moment after, his weight is the same - absolutely the same. Naturally their conclusion is that nothing has gone out and; hence, that there is no soul. If something goes out and, then the weight will be less. But now it can be told to the scientists that light has no weight; that’s why if a point of light transmigrates it won’t make any difference on your weighing scales.

Light is absolutely weightless and the transmigration body is nothing but pure light. This is experienced by people even of shallow understanding. Those who don’t understand much, but still have a little consciousness - just a shallow consciousness - even they can see this light.

But the people of moderate understanding can see a deeper body, hidden behind this thin layer of light, a thicker layer of light known in the Buddhist scriptures as the reward body. It arises only when one has been meditating so much that one is earning immense reward. In this world the greatest treasure and the greatest reward is to learn to be silent, to be utterly silent. This is a silence body. But it is possible to be seen only by those who have come very close to Gautam Buddha.

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