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Chapter 13: The Science of the Esoteric

Huxley was one of the wisest people of this age. The lady was just an ordinary doctor, a psychiatrist, while Huxley was a remarkable man. She became nervous in about a couple of hours. She realized that the use of scientific terminology was leading her nowhere. Naturally, those who are aware of the exact meanings of words often fail to reach the real meanings - they remain stuck with the literal meaning.

She became very confused. It became apparent to her that what she was doing would not work. But she remembered suddenly that Huxley knew something about the magnetic passes. So she said, “I have heard you know something about magnetic passes. Is it true?” Hearing this, Huxley got up at once. Up to now he was answering her rather reluctantly; now he became very interested. He asked her to lie on the couch.

Just so that Huxley may have a chance to do something and take some interest, she lay down on the couch. Huxley had indeed become uncomfortable lying there for about two hours. So while the lady lay on the couch, Huxley gave her passes from a distance of four inches from her body. It’s a very simple technique. Keep your fingers four inches away from the face and shake them vigorously. Feel electricity flowing through the fingers and move them from head to toe.

Huxley followed this technique and within ten minutes the lady went into a deep peaceful state. She had created the whole thing just as a means to bring some excitement in Huxley. Then she got up and asked him to lie down.

The lady went home after a while, but she couldn’t get out of her drowsiness. She remained all the while as if in a state of sleepiness, she couldn’t figure out what was happening. She called Huxley’s wife on the phone and told her how she was in that funny space. Huxley’s wife asked, “Did Huxley wake you up?”

The woman replied, “No, he didn’t wake me, I got up by myself.”

Hearing this, the wife called out to Huxley, “You forgot to wake up Laura - she is still in the sleepy state.”

Huxley said, “Before I could wake her, she got up on her own. Then we began talking and I forgot the whole thing.”

Huxley had not withdrawn the energy he gave her through the magnetic passes; it followed her for about two days. So when the energy is transmitted, hands move from head to feet; when it is taken back, hands move from the feet to the head.

There are certain points in the body which are very sensitive; the energy passes through them very quickly. The most sensitive of all points is between our two eyes. It is called the agya chakra, or the third eye. It is the most sensitive spot in our body. If you sit with your eyes closed and someone points his finger in between your eyes four inches away from you, you will soon begin to see the finger inside - although you won’t see outside because of closed eyes. The finger will not touch you from outside, but you will begin to feel its touch from within and the chakra will be activated inside. If the same experiment were carried out even on a sleeping person, his chakra would become active in sleep.

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