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Chapter 9: You Have My Marrow

Have you watched? If you are a musician your ears become very, very sensitive. If you are a painter your eyes become tremendously sensitive. Then you see colors others have never seen. Then green is not just green, there are a thousand and one shades of green. Then each leaf of a tree is different, has a different shade of green, is unique, is individual. If you are a poet then each word has its own romance; then each word has its own subtle music, a poetry around it. There are poetic words and there are non-poetic words. If you are a poet you become capable of seeing poetry everywhere: wherever you look, you look with the eyes of a poet. You see something else which cannot be seen except by you. Whatsoever you do, you become more sensitive about it.

Religion needs total sensitivity of all the senses - of the eyes, of the nose, of the ears, of the taste, of the touch - because religion is not a part of life, it is the whole. You can have a musical ear and you may not have eyes at all. In fact, blind people have better musical ears because their whole energy starts moving through the ears. Their ears become very, very sensitive because the eyes are not there, and eighty percent of your energy moves through the eyes. Eyes closed, the energy moves through the ears. Blind people become very, very musical. They start listening to subtle sounds of which you have never been aware. A blind person starts recognizing people by the sound of their footsteps.

I used to go to a blind man. Whenever I would enter his room he would immediately recognize me. So I asked him, “How do you do it?”

He said, “Because of your footsteps. Your footsteps are different from anybody else’s.”

Each thing is different. Just as your thumb impressions are different from anybody else’s in the world - past, present or future - in exactly the same way the sound of your footsteps is different, unique. Nobody has walked that way before and nobody is going to walk that way again. But we cannot recognize people by their foot sounds, impossible.

The ear can be very, very sensitive; then you become a musician. If the eyes are very sensitive you become an artist, a painter, a sculptor. But religion is your total being, you become sensitive in all the ways possible. All the doors of your house have to be opened so the sun can come in and the sunshine can come in, so the fresh breeze can come in and keep you constantly alive and young and pure and vital. Be sensitive if you want to be religious.

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