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Chapter 29: Methods for the Dropping of Mind

But the boy tried. The master had said there must be something in it, so he tried. He was a simple boy, so whenever he would hear something, whenever he would feel this was something new, he would come again. But by this process his sensitivity developed. He became attentive, alert, aware. He became one-pointed. He was in search, and the mind dropped because the master said, “If you go on thinking you may miss. Sometimes there is the sound which is of one hand. Be so alert that you do not miss it.”

He tried and tried. There is no sound of one hand, but that was just an indirect method to create sensitivity, awareness. And one day, suddenly, everything disappeared. He was so attentive that only attention was there, so sensitive that only sensitivity was there, so aware - not aware of something, but simply aware! And then he said, “I have heard it, but it is soundlessness. It is soundlessness!” But you have to be trained to be attentive, to be alert.

This is just a method to make you very delicately aware of the subtle nuances of sound. Just doing this, you will forget Aum. Not only will “a” drop, not only will “m” drop, but one day suddenly you will also drop, and there will be soundlessness, and you will be a newborn buddha sitting under a tree.