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Chapter 30: This Very World the Paradise

To be sensuous is to be available to the mysteries of life. Become more and more sensuous, and drop all condemnation. Let your body become just a door. All your senses should become clear doors, with no hindrances, so when you hear you become the music and when you see you become the light, when you touch you become that which you have touched.

You say, “I welcome and enjoy this growing sensitivity, an ‘orgasmic’ affair with life. I cannot imagine God descending upon me but as the ultimate lover when I will be turned inside out, totally open and as readable as the glorious moon.”

You have understood me rightly. This is my message in short: God comes always as a lover, God is the immediate and the ultimate Beloved. And if you know God in some other way, remember, that God is your mind creation, it is not the true God. And because religions arose around untrue gods they have not been able to help humanity to become more loving. On the contrary, they have filled the whole world with hatred, with violence. The true religion can only conceive of God as the Beloved.

You are on the right track. Your past will pull you back: the priests, the parents, the conditionings in your mind, will pull you back. Beware. Drop all that. Trust this growing sensitivity, this orgasmic openness. This is the door to the divine. Trust it, and go headlong with it.

The second question:

When you say “Good!” does it mean “good” or does it sometimes mean “don’t bother me with your nonsense”?

First meditate on this small anecdote:

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