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Chapter 24: Bring in the New Man

The first question:

What is this urge to do something, to create? To free your message, your word, unto the world? I feel like I am in a hurry and that all the people around the commune have the same feeling. It is as if there is no time left, as if any day, this very moment, can be the last moment.
Am I dying? I am exploding each and every moment. What is that? What is this urge? Please say something for this thirst.

Man is dying, mankind is dying. And in fact there is not much time left. And this is felt not only here around the commune, it is felt everywhere by sensitive, intelligent, creative people. Only the mediocre are unaware of it; only the politicians go on rushing into the danger, the calamity, that awaits, totally unaware where they are going and where they are leading the world.

But people of sensitivity, awareness, meditativeness, people of the heart, are everywhere feeling that the danger is very close, that mankind can commit suicide any moment, that the future was never so uncertain as it is today, that the tomorrow may really never come.

These are moments of great turmoil, but they can become of great creativity too. When one is encountering death, one can bring one’s total potential into manifestation. When there is no time left you cannot postpone. Hence the hurry.

When death is very imminent, life flares up to the optimum. And that is what is happening to all creative people around the world, and more so around this commune, because my whole approach is such that only the very creative ones will be attracted to it.

I teach sensitivity. Down the ages, religions have been teaching just the opposite - how to become insensitive - because the more insensitive you are the more you can remain aloof, distant, detached. Because it was thought that to attain to godliness one has to renounce the world, it was a natural consequence, a logical consequence, that one should learn how to be more and more insensitive to beauty, to music, to love, to people, to life itself. In the past, religion has been teaching people how to be unintelligent, because sensitivity and intelligence go together, insensitivity and stupidity go together.

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