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Chapter 6: Strive to No Goals

Those people who are against the body and cripple their senses will miss their enlightenment for a longer period than those people who listen to their senses and follow their advice.

If you listen to the senses you become simple. Of course nobody is going to pay you respect because they will say, “This man is a sensual man.” And a sensual man is more alive than a non-sensual man. But nobody is interested in life; everybody is interested in a dead thing to be worshipped.

Don’t ask for any respect from people, otherwise you will go astray. And a moment comes when everybody can respect you, but you cannot respect yourself because you are completely astray. Nothing fits, everything goes wrong.

Listen to the body - because you are here to enjoy this moment that has been given to you, this graceful moment, this beatitude that has happened to you. You are alive, conscious, and such a vast world!

The human being is a miracle on this small planet - very, very small, tiny! The sun is over a million times bigger than this earth, and this sun is mediocre. There are suns millions of times bigger than this, and there are millions of suns and millions of worlds and universes. And up to now it seems, as far as science goes, that life and consciousness has happened only on this earth. This earth is blessed.

You don’t know what you have attained. If you feel what you have attained, you will be simply grateful and you will not ask for anything more. You could have been a rock and you could not have done anything about it. You are a man - and you are suffering, and you are worried, and you are missing the whole point. Enjoy this moment because it may not come again.

That is what Hindus mean: they say you can become a rock again. If you don’t enjoy and don’t grow in it, you will fall. You can become an animal again. This is the meaning: remember always that this climax of consciousness is such a peak - if you don’t enjoy and become integrated in it, you will fall.

Gurdjieff used to say that you have got no soul yet; life is just an opportunity to attain it, to become a soul. Don’t go on wasting time and energy, because if you die uncrystallized you simply disappear. And who knows when the opportunity will happen again - or not? Nobody can know, there is nobody who can say anything about it.

This much can be said: that this moment the opportunity is there for you. If you enjoy it, it becomes more crystallized - if you feel ecstatic about it and grateful. Remember, to be grateful nothing more is needed. All that you have is too much, it is too much to be grateful and thankful for. Don’t ask more from the existence. Simply enjoy that which is given to you. And the more you enjoy, the more will be given to you.