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Chapter 17: If You Live Totally, Once Is Enough

It has been almost a criterion to me that anybody who is sad, complaining, grumpy, is wrong, is bound to be wrong. He may find a thousand and one reasons why he is sad. I don’t accept it. He is sad because he has not allowed his life to blossom. He has been holding back. Even when people want to love each other, they are holding back - because all the religions have poisoned love. They have not been able to destroy it, but they have succeeded in poisoning it.

And sensuality is so much condemned, and if you condemn sensuality then what is to remain? Then man remains like a marble statue - you touch his hand and you feel like you are shaking hands with a dead branch. All his energy has shrunken in himself - rather than blossoming in flowers, it has become complexes within himself which are making him sad.

At least my people should never think of compromise. Compromise for what? Be true. Be honest. Be sincere. Love as much as you can. Enjoy your sensuality - it is a gift of nature. And be watchful, because what you are enjoying is everybody else’s right too. Otherwise there will be conflict. Because of that conflict people compromise.

If you enjoy intense living, you should appreciate everybody who is living intensely. With whom he is living does not matter - because we are all one life, one life force.

All the traditions have been against expressiveness because a person who is expressive attains a certain kind of solidity, a freedom. You cannot enslave him. He lives according to his own nature. You cannot force him. You cannot make him a husband or a wife. That’s why the society has tried hard to repress, because the repressed person is so much reduced - he’s almost like the castrated bull.

You cannot use a bull in a bullock cart. The bull is too powerful. He can take your bullock cart and you anywhere, where you never wanted to go. You cannot control him. And if he comes across a beautiful female, he will simply jump out of your bullock cart. What happens to you and your bullock cart, that is your business. He will start a love affair immediately, not bothering at all that you are under the bullock cart, the bullock cart is upside down.

Man must have learned very early that bulls cannot be used, they are useless.

But they found the idea of why they are useless, because they are so full of energy, and so sensuous, and so loving.

People started castrating them, and once a bull is castrated you have reduced him to a totally different being that he was not destined to be. Now you can use him in a bullock cart. You can enslave him. You can use him in farms, and wherever you want. You have destroyed his possibility of regenerative forces. You have done a crime against nature. Now the cow may be passing by his side, he will not even look at her, he doesn’t have energy.

In my childhood when I saw the farmers castrating the bulls, I inquired what is the matter. My father said, “When you are old enough you will understand.”

I said, “I don’t want to wait. I want to understand now, why these poor creatures are being tortured.”

He said, “You just wait.”

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