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Chapter 29: When Your Hands Are Empty.

Mind collects outside, mind collects inside. Mind is such a great collector - and the thoughts that are arising in you as insights are nothing but borrowed thoughts whose origins you have consideredly forgotten. If you want to remember, you can remember because your unconscious still goes on keeping the record of each forgotten source. But what Gautam Buddha or what I am saying to you is to be in a state where there is no thought, no insight, no imagination, no emotion, no sentiment.

Just simple consciousness, utterly empty.

Only in that utterly empty consciousness blossoms the mystic rose. That is your very being. Out of that being arise all kinds of ecstasies, but it is not a thought. It is not part of the mind.

On the contrary, it is called no-mind, no-thought, no-insight. Gautam Buddha was very particularly insistent that unless you achieve a state of nothingness, you have not found yourself. It looks contradictory to the mind, because mind is searching for something and Gautam Buddha is saying, “Unless you find nothing, you will not find yourself.” Logically, Buddha is making an irrational statement. But existentially, he is absolutely true.

And we are here not to learn logic, we are here to feel existence, to feel life and its flame within you. That is possible only when you are surrounded with absolute nothingness.

When everything is discarded, when nothing remains, you are. Only you cannot be discarded.

How can you discard yourself?

That’s why Buddha is absolutely right - he tried to negate, to eliminate everything, till there is nothing to negate. But you are there, who has negated everything.

This great negator has been called by many names. One of the names is enlightenment.

Gurdjieff is said to have commented: “Until a man discovers that he cannot be impartial through his ordinary functions, he cannot be impartial.”
Can an unawakened being ever be impartial?

An unenlightened being can never be impartial. He does not know himself; he has not the awareness that can make it clear to him what is right and what is wrong. He cannot discriminate, he can only be prejudiced. His prejudice may be ancient, may be supported by religions, may be in the scriptures, but a prejudice is a prejudice and mind is full of prejudices. People never think that what they are judging is only based on a prejudice. All their judgments are going to be prejudiced.

I was arrested in America; the topmost attorneys were working for me. And the strangest thing they said to me was, “You should not utter a single word in the court.”

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