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Chapter 25: We Are Ancient Pilgrims

All these sutras are nothing but the whole science of destroying ego. Once the ego is no longer there, once you are no longer separate from existence, once you don’t think yourself separate from existence, immediately you are enlightened. Here the ego disappears; there appears godliness - immediately, instantly.

Now, even when I die, I will have no regret.

I hope my sannyasins will also be able to say that one day.

Now, even when I die, I will have no regret.

It is possible only if bodhichitta is attained. It is possible only if you have come to know your innermost essential core - that it is not personal, that it is universal; that it is not mortal, that it is immortal; that it has nothing to do with time and space, that it is eternity itself.

Amritasya putrah: we are sons of immortality. Once you have known it, life is not a regret. Life is a blessing, a benediction.

Meditate on Atisha, listen to his advice; it is of immense value. It is not a philosophy, it is a manual to discipline yourself, it is a manual of inner transformation. It is the book that can help you grow into wisdom. I call it The Book of Wisdom.

Enough for today.