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Chapter 7: The Mad King and His Idol

“Man and existence are not two” say all those who know. But then why are they separate? From existence’s side you are not separate, only from your side are you separate. And why? - because you think you are separate. Your thinking makes you separate. You are not really separate; it is a make-believe, it is an auto-hypnosis. You have been thinking and thinking that you are separate, hence the idea has become a fixed phenomenon in you. This is the ego. Thinking yourself separate from existence is the ego. Thinking yourself one with existence is trust.

Don’t protect yourself. Protection means you have believed the false idea that you are separate. Don’t push the river. Go with the flow of existence. While alive, be alive; while dying, be really dying; while dead, be dead. Waking, wake. Sleeping, sleep. Let there be no separation between you and the life that surrounds you.

And don’t act out of a state called knowledge; that is creating the separation. Always act out of no-knowledge, act out of no-mind, act out of no-past. Act in the present and act authentically. And whosoever you are - you may be a prostitute - if you can act out of the present, if you can respond to reality truly, authentically, sincerely, then there is no barrier between you and existence.

The only thing that helps you merge and meet with the divine is an authentic response in the present, a truthful response to life. That’s what I call prayerfulness.

Enough for today?