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Chapter 11: It Is Pure Light.Pure Delight

Whenever you enforce something, the result is not going to bring a betterment. They have not become compassionate; to be nonviolent means to be loving and to be compassionate. They have become just the opposite. They are not compassionate, they are not kind, they are not loving.

It has been tried in many other spheres, by different religions to make man something above nature. The result has been, without any exception, failure. You are born as a natural being. You cannot go above yourself. It is just like trying to lift yourself off the ground by pulling your legs. You may hop a little, but sooner or later you are going to fall to the ground, and you may have a few fractures. You cannot fly.

And that’s what has been done. People have been trying to raise themselves above nature, which means above themselves. They are not separate from nature, but the idea suited their egos: you are not animals so you have to be above nature; you cannot behave like animals. People have even tried to make animals not behave like animals; they have tried to make them go a little above nature.

In the Victorian age in England, dogs were clothed when people used to take them for a walk. The dogs had coats to prevent them being natural, to prevent them being naked and nude - because that is suitable to animals and these kind of people are trying to raise their dogs a little higher than animals.

You will be surprised to know that in the Victorian age in England, even the legs of chairs were covered - for the simple reason that they were called legs, and legs should be covered. Bertrand Russell, who lived almost one century - a long life - remembers in his childhood that seeing the feet of a woman was enough to get sexually excited. The dresses were made in such a way that they covered the feet; you could not see the feet.

It was believed, even just one hundred years ago, that the women of the royal family didn’t have two separate legs. Royalty had to be somehow different than ordinary, common humanity, and nobody had seen - and there was no possibility to see - whether their legs were separate from each other.

But the ego.neither did those royal people make it clear: “This is nonsense, we are as human as you are.” The ego prevented them. If the people are putting them on a higher pedestal, then why bother? - just remain royal. That was one of the reasons why royal families would not allow anybody, a commoner, to be married into the royal family, because he may expose the whole thing: “These people are just as human as everybody else; there is nothing royal about them.” But for centuries they maintained the idea.

I would also like you to be different from the animals, but not in the sense that you can go above nature - no. You can go deeper into nature, you can be more natural than animals. They are not free, they are in a deep coma; they cannot do anything other than what their ancestors have been doing for millennia.

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