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Chapter 32: Silence Is the Highest Music

And of course, your children have to take part in it.

They can at least dance around you while you are making love, sing beautiful songs around you, play on their small guitars, drums.

They can make it really festive!

And they will understand that they are children and they are not of age, and soon they will get their own lovers. And if this experience has been part of their growing up, their love life will have a totally different flavor.

So in child abuse, the person who has abused the child is only a victim of a very neurotic society.

Why should there be rapes? I do not understand, because there are as many women as there are men, equal in numbers. Why should there be rapes?

And while you are raping a woman against her will, it cannot be a joyful experience. It is more like a fight, it is not like love. But people are doing that for the simple reason that the society has completely destroyed any possibility for them to have any love relationship. And society can keep you in such darkness that it is unbelievable.

In the Middle Ages it was thought that the queen of England did not have her legs separate, they were joined - because the way of dressing was such you could not figure out whether the legs were joined or separate. It was all over England an accepted fact that queens are different and unique. And no queen or king had the guts to say this is nonsense.

Now nobody will fall into such a stupid belief, because the skirts are becoming smaller and smaller and smaller, and soon they are going to disappear. You can see the legs of the queen, and you will be really shocked that they are separate. They are just like your legs, everybody’s legs. But this was not told to people. Joined legs gave queens uniqueness, a specialty: they are royal, you are common people.

The same is being done in many things, on many levels all around the world. You don’t want your children to know that you make love.

You will be surprised: in India, the father cannot play with his small boy or girl in front of the elders, that is thought to be very unmannerly. No husband can talk to his wife in the day.because in India there are joint families. There are so many people in one family - fifty, sixty - and houses are small and overcrowded.

The husband and wife sometimes have to wait for years to see each other’s faces, because they meet only in the darkness of the night without whispering a word, because all others are sleeping. The house is small and overcrowded; in the same room other people are sleeping.

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