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Chapter 4: The Drunken Dancer

The real God is totally different. If you come to the real God - life - then you are God’s creation. Then God is behind everything. In the church you are behind everything. The church is a deception.

So when I say “Life is God,” I simply mean don’t create substitute gods, don’t create substitute temples. This vast space is the temple and this infinitely moving life is the God. Give a little of God to yourself and then you will understand. And that understanding will not be of the intellect; that will be more of your total being. It will be more of the blood and the guts.

I was reading an anecdote:

A man was brooding over his beer at the bar, and said to his friend, “I tell you, Mulligan, I don’t know what I am going to do about my wife.”

“What is it now?”

“The same old thing - money. She is always asking for money. Only last Thursday she wanted ten dollars, yesterday she was around asking for twenty, and this morning, if you please, she demanded fifty dollars!”

“What does she do with all the money, for heaven’s sake?” asked the friend.

“There is no way of finding out. I never give her any.”

Give a little of God to yourself, then you will stop asking what “God” is. If you don’t give yourself a little of God and then you go on asking.. Nobody else can give it to you, remember. You will have to come to terms with it on your own. I cannot give it to you. It is not a commodity, it is not a thing. It is such an experience that only you can have it.

You will have to move alone. You will have to go totally alone, naked of all thoughts, totally naked, naked of all philosophies, naked of all scriptures. And once you have tasted a little, you will understand.

Love life, and by and by a light will arise in your being. Through deep love of life one comes to understand what it is.

The last part of the question is: “They say ‘God’ is the one who created the world.” “God” is the world. The mind goes on creating dualisms. It says: “God is the one who created the world” ( then “the world” is separate and “God” is separate. God is not separate; he cannot be separate from his world. If he is separate, the world cannot exist for a single moment without him. He is the very life of life.

So don’t imagine God as a painter who paints on a canvas and then the canvas is separate and God is separate ( the painter can die but the painting can continue.

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