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Chapter 3: Close Your Eyes and Try to Catch Him

“There is no patience
in the core of my heart.
Shivering with tears
it cries with the eyes,
and in the silence
of lovely sound forever calls,
Come Beloved, come,
come, please come!”

The Bauls’ path is not the path of the austere man, of the monk, no. It is the path of the dancer, the singer, the aesthetic man. His prayer is full of beauty, and God is not a concept of philosophy, but the Beloved.

“Free impulses live together
with the forces of abstinence,
and the feminine energy
entwined with the spirit of man,
resembles the tuned strings
of the lute, wholly invisible.
The heart is the home
of no separation.”

When you reach deep within yourself, when you touch your own core, your heart, you have come to the land of no separation. There, not only are you with God, you are one with him - because you are also part of him. It is he who has expressed himself in you. Feel fortunate, feel blessed; he has also chosen you to be one of his forms.

Close your eyes and try to catch him,
he is slipping by.

Enough for today.