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Chapter 4: The Last Chance to Rebel

And that’s what the buddhas have been doing down the ages, “Ihi passiko, come with me! Come and see!” They take the rope in their hand and they show you that this is only a rope, the snake was never there in the first place. All fear disappears, you start laughing. You start laughing at yourself, at how foolish you have been. You have been escaping from something which never existed in the first place. But whether it existed or not, those drops of perspiration were real; the fear, the trembling, the heartbeat going faster, the blood pressure - all those things were real.

Unreal things can trigger real things, remember it. If you think they are real, they function for you as reality - only for you. It is a dream reality, but it can affect you, it can affect your whole life, your whole lifestyle.

The ego is not there. The moment you become a little alert, aware, conscious, you will not find the ego at all. It will be a rope that you had misconceived as a snake; you will not find the snake anywhere.

Death does not exist, death is unreal. But you create it, you create it by creating separation. Surrender means dropping the idea of separation: death disappears automatically, fear is found no more, and your whole flavor of life changes. Then each moment is such crystal purity, a purity of delight, joy, bliss. Then each moment is eternity. And to live that way is xxxpoetry, to live moment-to-moment without the ego is poetry. To live without the ego is grace, is music; to live without the ego is to live, to really live. That life I call poetry: the life of one who is surrendered to existence.

And remember, let me repeat it again: when you surrender to existence you are not surrendering anything real. You are simply surrendering a false notion, you are simply surrendering an illusion, you are surrendering maya. You are surrendering something that you never had with you in the first place. And by surrendering that which you don’t have, you attain to that which you have.

And to know that “I am at home, I always have been and I always will be,” is a great moment of relaxation. Knowing that “I am not an outsider, I am not alienated, I am not uprooted,” that “I belong to existence and the existence belongs to me,” all becomes calm and quiet and still. This stillness is surrender.

The word surrender gives you a very wrong idea, as if you are surrendering something. You are not surrendering anything; you are simply dropping a dream, you are simply dropping something arbitrary that the society had created.

The ego is needed, it has certain functions to fulfill in the society. Even when one is surrendered to existence, one goes on using the word I - but now it is only something utilitarian, nothing existential. He knows he is not; he uses the word because not using it will be unnecessarily creating trouble for others, it will make communication impossible. It is already impossible! It will be more difficult to communicate with people. So it is just an arbitrary device. If you know it is a device, arbitrary, utilitarian, useful but nothing existential, then it never creates any problem for you.

Your dream has given you a glimpse, your dream has allowed you to see something, something you may not be allowing while you are awake. It sometimes happens. The conscious mind is more egoistic, obviously; the ego never penetrates into the unconscious. The society can only teach the conscious; the society cannot teach the unconscious, at least not yet - they are trying hard.

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