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Chapter 8: Listen Carefully!

“What on earth are you talking about?”
The next day Seppo asked for an explanation. Tokusan said, “My religion has no words and sentences. It has nothing to give anybody.”

At this point,

Seppo became enlightened.

Enlightenment is not something that you can get from somebody else. Tired.. He must have been going to one master, then another master, then another master - three times, nine times. Tokusan was the last master. His intellect was tired, his mind was tired, he simply sat there when Tokusan hit him with his staff, saying to him,“My religion has no words and sentences. It has nothing to give anybody.”

In that silence, he suddenly became awake.

In this silence, anyone can become awake.

I am inviting the Shankaracharya to see for the first time in his life what silence means: it is not a scripture. What a gathering of buddhas means: no mind, but just a dance of being, a rejoicing inside, in your eternity, immortality, in your very truth.

And if he comes here, I will have to bring my staff, too. He is old and I don’t want to hit him, but at least I can show him the staff and show him your presence, your silence. This whole silence says more than any scripture can say.

One never knows, perhaps even the Shankaracharya of Puri can become enlightened! At this moment, he is the most unenlightened man on the earth, but from that point the quantum leap can be possible - because the road ends; he cannot be more stupid than he is. He cannot fall more, there is no way. He has to turn back.

And I would like Swami Agnivesh to know: Why bother forcing people into Nath Dwara when the priests of Nath Dwara are unwilling? My doors are open. Bring all your harijans and my people will hug them. Give dignity to people; this is very undignified.

But politics is politics. Agnivesh knows that the Shankaracharya is going to fight hard. He will not allow harijans to enter, and this gives Agnivesh a chance to become the leader of the harijans. He belongs to the same old rotten gang, but harijans will think, “He is our friend.” He is your enemy - as much, or perhaps more, than the Shankaracharya of Puri. All that he wants is votes. I know him. This is a great strategy: two hundred and fifty million votes are there. Agnivesh is trying to make himself a great leader of the downtrodden and the oppressed, but the real desire is to have power.

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