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Chapter 5: The Taste of Enlightenment

How can you pollute time? You cannot even catch hold of it. By the time you catch hold of it, it is gone. By the time you become aware of the moment, the moment is no more. It has already become past, it has already become history. You cannot pollute time. Time is one of the most pure things, it is always pure.

That’s why Buddha says: Do not speak thus, Subhuti. Yes, even then there will be beings who will understand the truth.. There will always be beings who will understand, because truth is not a quality that happens sometimes and does not happen sometimes. Truth is always there. That is what is called truth - that which is always there.

Truth has nothing to do with time, it is eternal. You can attain to truth in the day, you can attain to truth in the night, you can attain to truth in the marketplace, you can attain to truth in the Himalayas, you can attain to truth being a man or a woman, a child, a young man, an old man. You can attain to truth any moment, any place, because truth is always available, you just have to become available to it.

And Buddha says: Even one single thought of serene faith is enough to transform a man. One single thought of serene faith.. What is faith in Buddha’s sense of the word? Ordinarily faith is fear, faith is nothing but fear. If you go to the churches and to the temples and the gurudwaras, you will find fearful people, frightened people - frightened of life and frightened of death and just seeking some shelter in some god; feeling helpless, finding some security somewhere; or missing their father and their mother and projecting some father and mother there in heaven.

They are not mature, they cannot live without their mums and dads. The dad may be dead, the mum may not be alive anymore; but they are children, they need some apron to cling to, they need somebody. They cannot live on their own, they cannot trust themselves.

When you are afraid, and because of your fear you become religious, this religion is bogus. This religion is a kind of monkey religion, ape religion, imitative. Out of fear arises imitation. What does Buddha mean when he uses the word faith? His word is shaddha. The Sanskrit form of shaddha is shraddha; it does not really mean faith, it means confidence, faith in oneself. It is a totally different religion. Buddha calls it right religion and the other religion he calls the wrong religion.

If you approach reality out of fear and trembling you are approaching in a wrong way, and when you are approaching in a wrong way whatsoever you come to see and feel will be wrong. Your eyes are wrong, your heart is wrong. Truth cannot be known out of fear, truth can only be known out of fearlessness. Shaddha is needed, a confidence in oneself is needed, a trust in one’s own being is needed.

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