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Chapter 13: Just Ordinary Friday

If people had simply tolerated him as a joke, which in fact he was - a practical joke.People should have laughed. And he was bringing such great news! They should have enjoyed, entertained him, but they were not sophisticated enough. They took him too seriously.

That’s what I am saying:

The most important thing is not to take anything seriously.

Jesus took himself very seriously. Even when they were putting him on the cross, he could have said, “Wait, I have changed my mind!” He carried the joke too far. In his place, I should have certainly said, “I have changed my mind.” A joke is a joke; one should not take it too seriously.

And he would have left the Jews and the Romans who crucified him in a very weird space: What to do? He has changed his mind! But he took himself so seriously that he allowed them to put him on the cross, nail him on the cross. Still, he was waiting for God and looking upwards. And the sky by chance was completely empty.

His idea was that on a white cloud.Obviously, it has to be a white cloud when God comes. He will come thundering and show all the Jews - “You are stupid, you are killing my own son and you think you believe in God?” But nothing seemed to happen.

Thousands of people had gathered to see - the one and only chance; for the first time somebody has claimed to be the only begotten son. And he was certainly serious because even on the cross he did not just say, “It is enough. My father’s name is Joseph, my mother’s name is Mary, and I don’t know who is this God.” He had enjoyed enough, he was a celebrity in his own small country, but he waited..

And the Jewish way of putting somebody on a cross is such that a person can be alive on the cross at least forty-eight hours, because they don’t kill you by breaking the neck. They kill you by nailing the hands and the feet to the cross, so drop by drop the blood oozes out. It is the most cruel and ugly way of taking revenge. But that was good in a way; it gave forty-eight hours for the person to change his mind.

But Jesus wouldn’t change. On the contrary, he shouted at God! Thousands of people are there, everybody wants to know God, to see God - so much one has heard about God, and never a single witness. And this great opportunity.people had come from faraway places.

Jesus shouted at God - “Father!”.but he still did not forget to call him “father.” He was really an absolute crackpot. “Father, have you forgotten me? Have you forsaken me? Why is the miracle not happening?”

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