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Chapter 3: Be Madly in Love with Life

Nothing is to be done. They are needed, they are fun! If you are not stupid at all and you become completely wise, life will be too burdened. A little foolishness is good so that one can enjoy also. And every great man(it is not that he has dropped foolishness, he has used it. He has transformed it into his wisdom.

Nothing has to be dropped and nothing has to be cut away, otherwise you will always remain a fragment, you will never be whole. That stupid part is also you. And who is condemning it? It is the ego. In fact the stupid part is more natural than this ego which goes on condemning and saying that this part is stupid and to drop it.

Don’t be serious - there is no need, no need. And whether you accept yourself or not, you are you. Your rejection doesn’t make any change. It only makes you miserable, that’s all. If you accept, you can dance and be happy and celebrating. If you don’t accept, you become serious and tense. So the real question is not whether to accept or not, but whether you want to be happy or unhappy.

Once Diogenes, who had become a hundred years old, was asked by somebody why he was always happy and what was his secret. He said, “Every morning when I get up I have two alternatives - to be happy or not to be happy. I always choose to be happy!”

What is the point in being miserable! And this is the most important thing: if you are happy you start changing. Happiness is the only alchemy in the world. It is the only secret of transformation; there is no other. Unhappy people never change, and because they don’t change they become more unhappy.

Happy people continuously change, and because they change they become more and more happy; and then more and more change is possible. Why do I say that happiness is the only alchemy? It is because in happiness you are flowing, your energy is not frozen; it is not blocked. You have an inner dance of energy, a dynamic energy that is needed for transformation. When you are unhappy you are dull, solid, rocklike; nothing is flowing, everything is frozen. How can you change?

So don’t be serious! This is one of the pitfalls for people who are searching for God. People who are searching for God are almost always serious people. Non-serious people don’t get interested in God - and they are the right persons to find godliness! They are so much involved in life, in love, in enjoying small things - eat, drink, be merry; they are moving in the world. They don’t go to the temple or to church, it seems too serious and seems to belong to death and not to life.

And they are the right people, the festive people, who can attain to godliness. But this is the misfortune - that they never become interested. The people who become interested are always depressed, sad, blocked. They are people who have missed their lives somehow: egoists, moralists, puritans, all sorts of ill people. They get into the church, and because of them godliness cannot enter the church. I can understand the difficulty, because what can you do with serious people - they will kill you!

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