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Chapter 4: The Only Secret There Is

In Soviet Russia, before the revolution, there was a great Christian sect - the most prominent and the most respected. But you will be surprised when you come to know the reason for their respectability. They used to cut off their genitals. They were real celibates, because a man can take the vow of being a celibate but his genitals are there intact. Who knows? He may be deceiving.!

Thousands of Christian monks would cut off their genitals publicly. The women were at a loss, but they came up with an idea - they started cutting off their breasts. This was thought to be a great spiritual act. And the same kind of thing, more or less, has prevailed all over the world in the name of sannyas.

I want the beautiful word sannyas to be taken away from all its old associations, and I want to give it a new meaning, a new fragrance, a new health, a new wholeness. I want you to remember a simple fact: that what is natural is divine, and what is unnatural is evil.

Celibacy is evil because it is unnatural. To follow the course of nature, to remain in a deep contact with all that is natural, not fighting it but in a deep friendship, in a let-go - that is my definition of sannyas.

You can swim against the river, against the current - that was the old sannyas. I don’t say to you even to swim. I want you to float and go with the river in a deep let-go, in a deep trust, wherever it leads. Existence cannot deceive you. We are born of it, we are its children. How can it deceive us? It does not deceive the rosebushes; it brings them beautiful roses. It does not deceive the lotuses. It does not deceive the birds. It does not deceive the sun, the moon, the stars. Why should it deceive its greatest creation, human consciousness - its highest peak? No, it is impossible.

Existence is with you.

You just have to learn how to be with it.

And to be with it totally, without any conditions, is what I mean by sannyas.

Is there any possibility for enlightenment for a nonserious meditator?

There is only possibility of enlightenment if you are a nonserious meditator because seriousness is sickness, seriousness is not health. Seriousness is a tense state of mind, it is sadness; it is not overflowing joy. Yes, the old traditions will tell you, “Be serious.” I cannot say that to you. Why be serious? The birds singing in the morning are not serious. The stars in the night are not serious. The flowers in their different colors and fragrances are not serious. Except man, have you anything else in existence which is serious? The oceans, the rivers, the mountains.nothing is serious, except man.

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