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Chapter 31: Unholy Gossip - Not Holy Gospels

The Hindu scriptures say, when you are a small girl you should depend on your father; when you are a young woman you should depend on your husband; and when you are an old woman you should depend on your children. But you should always depend, you should never be independent. The ugliest words of abuse have been used in all the so-called holy scriptures.

The ultimate result is that the woman has become very bitter. Her whole being has become a cry for revolt. She is not at peace to laugh at things; she is in utter misery and despair, and unless she becomes liberated she will not have a sense of humor. Once she becomes liberated, she will leave man far behind in all creative dimensions and she will be really joyous and playful. Naturally, she is not serious, she is not concerned with serious things. Man by nature seems to be serious. If you talk about nonserious things, he thinks you are being childish.

The woman never talks about God or about heaven or about hell. She is not interested in the holy gospels, she is interested in all the unholy gossips! She is interested in a very nearby life. She is pragmatic, practical, realistic; she is not a stargazer.

I am reminded about a great astrologer. The story is from ancient Greece, from the times of Socrates. The astrologer was looking at the stars in the night, and he was going to look at the stars at a place out of the city, in the open.to see better - he had only primitive instruments. And because he was looking towards the sky and not looking at the earth, he fell into a well, and he shouted. An old woman living by the side, on her farm, came to rescue him, and when he was out of the well he said to the old woman, “You may not know me, but I am the greatest astrologer in the whole land. I am the astrologer not only of the king of Greece but of the kings of many other countries. Even very rich people stand in line to see me, but for you I will do a favor - you have saved my life. You can come any day you want and I will read your birth chart, look into your future, into your past, and I will not charge you anything.”

The old woman laughed and she said, “Forget all about it, I am not going to come, because if you cannot see that a well is ahead of you, what more future.? First learn to see what is ahead of you, then start telling others what is in their unknown future. Don’t befool me. You can befool the kings. Even if you pay me, I am not going to come. I have seen your reality.”

Man has always been interested in faraway things. The woman is never interested in faraway things, her interest is very real. And if she is allowed freedom - and she will have to be allowed because it is time.. This kind of slavery cannot be tolerated any more; neither by women, nor by any man who has any compassion, any intelligence, any love. This situation has to be totally changed.

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