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Chapter 3: Be Madly in Love with Life

Godliness is where life is, where the dance is still happening and the flowers blossoming, the rivers flowing, and the world of stars. is there - in life. God is life. You can forget the word God and nothing will be lost - life is enough. And when I say life I don’t mean life with a capital “L”, no; just a lower case “l” will do. Just a simple life, not even with a capital “L”. That life is godliness

So this is a problem, and this is the problem I have to face every day. I would like you to be happy and merry and cheerful. I would like you to be madly in love with life, because that is the only way one knows what godliness is. When you are lost in love and life, you have found it. When you are too serious in the mind, and too much after it, you can go on chasing but you will never find it - because you are not the right person. It will not want to meet you. Your company will be too serious.

Life has always been avoiding the saints, and it has done well to avoid them. So don’t be a saint! Even if you are a sinner it is okay. But be happy, because a happy man cannot sin. By and by the happiness transforms. You may be a saint, but if you are unhappy you are already committing the greatest sin that one can commit - the sin of being unhappy. A person who is unhappy will tend to make others unhappy. You can give to others only that which you have.

So drop all this nonsense! If you want to be religious, drop all religion. And if you want some day to know what godliness is, forget all about it - life is enough. Be more festive, mm? And there is nothing to it - just a simple understanding. So start being happy from this very moment, right?

And that is why I am not allowing you to live here yet. When I see that you are really dancing and happy I will allow you, otherwise you will have to wait outside the gate a little longer. You know that is the barrier - because I am afraid of serious people. (Osho laughs with the group.) They can come and destroy the whole thing that I am trying to create.

I don’t think that you are naturally a serious person. There are people who are born ill, who are born serious. It is very difficult for them to drop it. But for you, I don’t see any problem. You can simply get out of it as one gets out of the clothes, that’s all. You be yourself, and don’t bother with seriousness. Good. From this very moment, mm?


Can you say something about the nature of epilepsy? I have suffered from it for several years. The attacks come only when I am asleep, and they last only two minutes. The fits leave me feeling rather strange and empty.

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